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Brett and Kari Shaw have been performing internationally for more than 15 years amazing people everywhere they go with their illusion shows. Thousands of people around ...

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You see the coin in the illusionist’s hand, but seconds later you see it vanish right before your own eyes. How in the world? You’re mystified as birds seemingly appear ...

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Dear Educator “Breakthrough Magician Unlocks The Secret to Making Your Student Succeed in Life” Hello....changing lives and influencing people is our primary objective and propelling our students forward to succeed... Allow me to introduce ...

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Project CHANGE Come Help a Neighbor Get Encouraged By partnering with all types of businesses, schools and ministries we are able to work together to impact communities ...
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Masters of Mystery 918-409-3697

Brett and Kari Shaw have been performing internationally for more than 15 years amazing people ev...

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The Magician 918-409-3697

You see the coin in the illusionist’s hand, but seconds later you see it vanish right before your...

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School Assemblies 918-409-3697

Dear Educator “Breakthrough Magician Unlocks...

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Project CHANGE

Project CHANGE Come Help a Neighbor Get Encouraged By partnering with a...

Testimonials of Magician Brett Shaw

Andre Kole, Master Illusionist

"Through the years I have collaborated with David Copperfield on each of his television specials. Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Brett & Kari Shaw’s wonderful evening of entertainment. Their show combines mystery, comedy, audience participation, along with a number of spectacular stage effects. I am pleased to recommend their show for a delightful evening of entertainment and inspiration. "

Linda Sheehan, Attended high school with David Copperfield

"Illusionist Brett Shaw had the audience appropriately spell-bound. The show was well-laced with humor and the unexpected. I have no difficulty recommending Mr. Shaw and Co."

Kathy Thompson, CPRP Park Manager-Tulsa Parks City of Tulsa

"Brett & Kari, The Lacy Park staff would like to thank you for your awesome performance. We appreciate the donation of your time to give back to the community. Thanks again- Kathy Thompson Lacy Park Manager"

Mark Rodriguez MED, Drug Free Schools Coordinator for Kindred Elementary School San Antonio, Texas

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Shaw, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we enjoyed your performance and inspirational talk. The students were spellbound and fascinated. I would like to point out that many of our special needs students were captivated by your illusions and will hopefully be inspired by your candid talk about the negative effect of drugs and its impact on your life. Once again thank you for your time. I would recommend your program to any drug free coordinator or administrator."

Maryvale High School of Phoenix Union High School District

"I have five adjectives for Brett Shaw's performance: Exceptional, Brilliant, Awesome, Breathtaking, and Inspirational.


It was a privilege and an honor to have Mr. Shaw visit Maryvale High School on April 15 and 16. Not only did Brett astonish our students and staff with his magical performance, but he also planted a seed of encouragement and optimism.
Brett presented our students with a powerful message about making the right choices and dealing with drugs and gangs. The expressions on the faces of our students were mesmerized, but they also confirmed that they understood his message.


We thank him for sharing his personal experiences. It provided our students with a thought provoking reminder, that if a person is able to turn his or her life around and learn from their mistakes, so can they. We were all amazed at his enthusiasm and dedication. He is determined to do all he can to help young adults avoid the mistakes he has made in the realm of drugs and gangs.


Brett's performance was everything we expected and more. Combine with dazzling stage effects, he begins his show by taking us to a world of illusions and mystery and concluded by motivating our students to make a strong affirmation about positive choices and staying off drugs and gangs.

Mr. Shaw has my deepest respect and admiration. I found his presentation insightful and delivered in a manner to which students can easily relate.


I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Brett Shaw. It has been a privilege meeting him and spending time talking to him. His experiences combine with his talents will bring about opportunities for those who cross paths with him"


Alberto Flores; Assistant Principal for Student Opportunities.

Tricia Pena, Principal of Desert Willow Elementary School

"The staff and I highly recommend Mr. Shaw and his magic show. His creativity and talent was well received with enthusiasm by the children and adults alike. Mr. Shaw captivated and amazed us all with his sleight-of-hand, and stage illusions. His performance was an excellent assembly for children and families."

Raul Ochoa, Assistant Principal of Student Activities at Desert View High School

"Thank you for helping our Thespian Club with the presentation of your Magic Show. I found the presentation to be outstanding and well organized. I especially enjoyed the fact that you included some of our students and your own family in your act. Thank you on behalf of Desert View High School. It was a pleasure having you perform at our school."

Various comments from Ministers around the world

"Many people will be drawn to the show for its entertainment value, which is good, but only to be enlightened to the reality of Jesus Christ. This anointed ministry is a great compliment to the regular ministry of the body of Christ. This is a great tool for crowd gathering on the streets as well. Definitely beneficial to the church." London England, U.K.


"I'm writing to express my appreciation for your excellent ministry. People enjoyed the shows and the Easter Drama. More importantly, my records indicate that 15 people made professions of faith as a result of your presentations. I appreciated the professional quality of the shows, they were first class! However, I appreciated even more the sincerity and clarity of your presentation of the gospel. I specifically wanted to write so I could recommend your ministry to others."U.S.A.


"What was so powerful was that in all the 15 years I've been a pastor in England, this was the very first time I've ever seen anyone answer an altar call publicly before, outdoors! Brett has a great way of drawing a crowd through doing a few tricks, but better by far is that he has an anointed presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is definitely a calling and anointing upon his life and ministry. I would like to thank Brett and his team for coming here to minister and would highly recommend him to any church." U.K.


"Bro. Brett Shaw has been gifted with great creativity to bring a ministry of magic revealing the cunning deceptions of the occult world.  We thank God for our Bro. & his family’s willingness to bring the gospel to a lost and dying world. I highly recommend his Masters of Mystery outreach production."U.S.A.


"I would like to highly commend Mr. Brett Shaw for his compelling, uncompromising presentation of the Gospel. Through the medium of magic and illusion. Mr. Shaw and his ministry cleverly portray the essential issues of Salvation, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and each person's need to experience the life changing power of Jesus Christ. His professionalism and desire to reach people for Jesus combine to form a captivating, challenging, thought provoking performance, has inspired thousands around the world to live for Jesus Christ." U.S.A.

Favorite Illusions

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