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Corporate Magician Brett Shaw provides great wholesome entertainment, comedy and fun for all ages and venues.

“It will be an experience your guests will never forget and will thank you for.”

Lets make you look like an Event Planning Genius? Brett provides quality "off the hook" sleight of hand magical entertainment with personality, and a comedic edge, street magic, as well as performing 30 minutes to 2 hour Las Vegas style illusion and magic shows.

Thousands of people world wide has seen the outstanding performances of Brett Shaw

People walk away wondering "How did he do that..." Crowds are amazed and fascinated with people mysteriously appearing, disappearing and levitating with the variety of illusions and special effects that the Shaw’s are able to display right before their very eyes.

Illusionist Brett Shaw brings great entertainment, comedy and fun for all ages and venues. It will be an experience your guests will never forget and will thank you for.

Illusion Show Packages

Breathtaking Full Stage Illusion Show and Close Up Magic

  • Includes 1 1/2 hours of breathtaking, exciting, mind-boggling illusions and magical extravaganza with live birds, fire, and daring escapes with special theatrical effects including, lighting, music, costumes and drama.

Close up "In Your Face" Magic

  • People love to see magic, especially at close range. Brett's walk around magic consists of 3 to 5 minute interactive magic presentations for individuals while they are seated or standing. Your guests will be delighted as cards, coins and other objects seem to come to life in Brett's hands.

Breathtaking Small Stage Illusion Show

  • Includes 45 minutes of breathtaking, exciting, mind-boggling illusions with live birds, fire, incredible mind reading and daring escapes. Fun for all ages and smaller venues.

Street Magic

  • Looking to draw a crowd on the street? Look no further and witness the impossible. Crowds will be amazed and captivated at Brett's mind blowing, sleight of hand magical performances and breathtaking street illusions mixed with comedy. 

Custom Shows

  • Our shows can be custom designed for your entertainment needs to suit any size venue or audience you have in mind. Please call us to customize a show for you today.

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As world renowned Christian entertainers, they bring a clean wholesome entertainment experience without any faith based message whatsoever in corporate shows or school assembly programs.  They provide 3 separate services, school shows, church shows, and corporate entertainment.


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